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Solar Panels

5 Years Warranty Against Production and Material Defects

10 Years Performance Warranty to 90 %

25 Years Performance Warranty to 80 %

Power Inverters / Charge Controllers / Solar Power Boxes

One Years Warranty ,free one year tech support.

Solar Power System Design
3w-10w mini solar panels power system design

Our team professional solar energy designers & engineers work directly with you to ensure you get the solar energy system that meets both your financial and aesthetic needs.

For examples :

Small solar power system , 300w-3000w off-grid home power system , office solar power system , grid tie solar power system ,and other type solar power system products.

Products OEM / ODM Order
3w-10w mini solar panels power system design

Gaia welcomes you for OEM/ODM services!

Order Gaia's products with your company brand name (logo).

An "Original Equipment Manufacturer" (OEM) is one of the marketing services Gaia offers to customers to increase the marketability of the products and services.

OEM/ODM service includes product with customers' own logo, color box design, user manual , item numbers and other requirement.