T/Y Branch Solar Panels MC4 Connector

T / Y branch solar MC4 connector

    CE / TUV / IP65 / 16A

  • MC4 "T" or "Y" Branch Connectors. Two MC4 Female(Male) Connectors and One MC4 Male(Female) Connector. These are used to connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar field. The unique design offers greater directional ease in laying out the the branch lines. The molded in eyelets allow for easy tie wrapping of the branch connectors to the structure.
Product Features

This type of connector system is easy to install and uses “snap-in” safety locking tabs to lock two mating connectors, thereby avoiding unintentional disconnection. Also when locked, the mating contacts are sealed against ingress of dust and water.

Main Specifications
T/Y Branch MC4 Connector
Max System Voltage
Rated Current
Protection Class
Class II
Protection Degree
Flame Class
EN 50521:2008
Temperature Range
Connecting Cable
Structure Diagram
mc4 connector structure diagram