8000 Watts Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

8000w inverter charger

    CPU control technology, SCM control.

  • Strong ability of impact resistance . Protection against overload, short-circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage and over-temperature, etc. Anti reverse connection protection and high-low voltage protection(option). Special overload protection: when it is overload, it will lock the unit automatically,when it restores,it will restart the unit automatically again. Strong inverter ability.
Product Features

Pure sine wave output

CPU control technology; SCM control

LED or LCD display (option)

Meet the need of different power supply

Use high quality MOSFET and IGBT

Intelligent battery management; provide the battery overcharge, discharge protection extend battery life

Application: apply to television, refrigerator, battery furnace, fan, microwave oven, air conditioning and other household devices.

  • 8000w inverter charger

    LCD Display

  • 8000w inverter charger

    LED Display

Technical Data
Rated Capacity(W)
Input Commercial Power Range (VAC)
100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V (+25%,-35%)
Frequency (Hz)
50Hz/60Hz ± 10%
Output Wave Form
Pure Sine Wave
Frequency (Hz)
50Hz/60Hz ± 0.5
AVR Voltage Range (VAC)
100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V ± 10% (Auto Sensing)
Transfer Time
Typical : 4ms (self-regulation)
Battery System Type Suggested
Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
Battery Protection
Automatic self-test, discharge protection, over-charge protection, smart management system.
Recharge Current
15A (Maximum)
DC Voltage
Dimensions External Size(mm) (L*W*H)
550*260*650 mm
Gross Size(mm) (L*W*H)
710*440*795 mm
Weight Net Weight (kg)
82.5 / 83.5kgs
Gross Weight (kg)
87.3 / 88.3kgs
Remarks Specifications subject to change without prior notice
Our company accept customized special specifications products
Environmental conditions

Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C .

Storage Temperature -15°C to 50°C .

Considerable air humidity should be less than 85%

No electrical conductivity, dust explosion, corrosion-free gas, No shock and vibration in the working place.

Output Plug Option
world plugs