50A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

LED display charge controller

    12V and 24V Battery Auto

  • Product features:
    · Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPP tracker)
    · Peak efficiency of 97%
    · Voltage and current regulation
    · PWM control
    · Current compensated load disconnection
    · Automatic load reconnection
Security Features

Electronic protection functions :
· Overcharge protection
· Deep discharge protection
· Reverse polarity protection of module, load and battery
· Automatic electronic fuse
· Short circuit protection
· Overvoltage protection at module input
· Open circuit protection without battery
· Reverse current protection at night
· Overtemperature and overload protection
· Battery overvoltage shutdown
· Multifunction LCD display
· 2 LEDs show operating states
· Serial RS-232:
connection to a personal computer

Technical Data
Characterisation of the operating performance
System Voltages 12V/24V
Maximum Solar Array 12VDC 420W / 24VDC 840W
Standby Power Consumption Less than 1 Watt typical
Peak E ciency 97%
DC input side
PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 150V DC
Max current 40A
DC output side
Charge current 50A
Load current 30A
Charging algorithm 4-Stages
Charging stages Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalize
Ambient temperature - 25 °C ~ +50 °C
Degree of protection IP 20
Dimensions (X x Y x Z) 240 x 160 x 78 mm
Weight 2.0kg
Environmental conditions

Operating Temperature -20°C to 40°C .

Storage Temperature -20°C to 50°C .