• Wind Charge Controller Instruction

  • 15A Wind Turbine Charge Controllers
  • ▲ Wind Charge Controller

    ● Build In Rectifier
    ● Build In Dump Load Controller
    ● Build In High Wind Protection
    ● 12V and 24V Battery Auto sensing

    ▲ Preface

    ●Gaia New Energy Technology Co., Ltd does not authorize any products to be used in life support devices or systems.

    Wind Charge Controller is battery charger that can charge batteries by the power from the wind turbine. The charge controller is intelligent for charging batteries, it has 3 stages of charging batteries, first is current limited to charge batteries, 2nd is voltage limited to charge batteries, and 3rd is compensating to charge batteries. This will prolong the life of batteries.

    The Wind Charge Controller has a built in dump load controlling system, it can maintain the rotating speed of the wind turbine and keep the voltage of charging batteries when the wind is too big. It also has a high voltage protection function, when the wind is too big, and the dump load controlling system can’t keep the output voltage from the wind turbine, the controller will disconnect itself from the wind turbine, so it is very safe to be used.

    ▲ Layout

    There are 3 terminals on the left side of the controller, this 3 terminals will be connected to the 3 phase output from the wind turbine.

    There are 4 terminals on the right side of the controller, 2 terminals will be connected to the batteries, and other 2 terminals will be connected to the dump load resistors.

    There are 3 LED lights on the right side of the controller (in between the plugs for the output to the battery and dump load). Those 3 LED lights indicate the following:

    First (left) light: Indicates if the battery is being charged or not. If there is no light the charging current is too low or there is no charging current.

    Second (middle) light: This light shows if the wind generator is charging the battery or not. If the voltage from the wind generator is too high or the battery is full, the charge controller will automatic disconnect the wind generator to prevent the battery from being overcharged, in this case the LED light will not be on.

    Third (right) light: If the red light is on it indicates that the battery voltage is low. If the green light is on it indicates that the battery is full or the charging voltage is high. The color of the light will change from red to green according to the voltage of the battery.

    ▲ Application

    Wind Turbine Charge Controller can be used in wind power system, it has 3 phases AC input terminals, can connect to the 3 phases wire from the wind turbine directly. It can obtain the power from the wind turbine to charge the batteries to reserve the wind energy. The maximum volume of charging current is 15A, so it can charge batteries from 45AH to 300AH, and the rated power of wind turbine should be above 250W and less than 500W.

    ▲ Working environment

    1. Operation temperature: -10℃~40℃.

    2. Storage temperature: -40℃~65℃.