• WAL Wind Grid Connected Inverter Instruction

  • 250W-1000W Wind Grid Connected Inverters -WAL
  • ▲ Inverter type : WAL

    ● Build In Rectifier
    ● For AC Output Wind Turbine
    ● Build In Dump Load Controller
    ● Build In High Wind Protection

    ▲ Preface

    The grid-tie inverter can transfer wind energy from wind generators directly into the home grid using no extra equipment. It can be connected to any outlet (conventional network) in the home. The grid-tie inverter controls the phase and the frequency and voltage of the power generated by the wind generator. It produces a pure sine-wave and matches that of the grid.

    This model grid-tie has build in bridge rectifier and dump load controller, it can maintain the rotating speed of the wind turbine and keep the voltage from the wind turbine always at the range of the rated range of the grid tie inverter. It also has a high voltage protection function, when the wind is too big, and the dump load controlling system can’t keep the output voltage from the wind turbine, the controller will disconnect itself from the wind turbine, so it is very safe to be used.

    ▲ Layout

    1. There are 5 terminals on the left side of the inverter, 3 red terminals will be connected to the three phase output from the wind turbine, and 2 black terminals will be connected to dump load resistors.

    2. There are 4 LED indicators, 3 green indicators and 1 red indicator, 3 green LED indicators will start to cycle from left to right when the grid and AC input supply is detected. This indicates the inverter is operating under normal condition. The rate of the cycling is according to how much power is being output from the wind turbine. The bigger the output power is, the faster the rate is. If there is no AC grid detected, the red LED will be on, the inverter will not put out power, this is called “Island Protection”.