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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters
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Solar Power Boxes
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New Energy Global Marketing

What is the New Energy Global Marketing?

We are a team,there are 11 members now . We come from different countries and areas ,China , USA , Canada , Australia ,India , Italy , South Africa . Generally , we work online ,via email and skype.

John comes from USA , but he is a Chinese . He has a store on eBay and also pushs new energy products in his city . By the way , he works at home

Jimmy, Indian, works at part-time. He knows much about e-commerce, wants to build a new company next year .

Linda is a young mother , Jessica is a beautiful girl , they all have done well .

Everyone works by a different way , we study from each other , better and better , it is our team.

Why join this team ?

GAIA global marketing team provides the great opportunity to work from home jobs available for full time and part time basis. With the beauty of this growing system of employment, many people worldwide can work from their homes regardless of their geographic location.

Working with GAIA provides you the financial freedom and time flexibility. Many prefer to join because of its many lists of benefits and convenience. One can cut their traveling time and expenses in reporting to office everyday. More output from work is generated in lieu of traveling time in coming to work and back home. It also reduces the intensity of buzzing noises usually seen from office settings, no disturbing ringing of office phones and no one to disturb your work concentration from visiting clients. It is also convenient to continue working at times when you are not feeling well to report to work but not too ill to do some piece of light work.

Welcome to Join our Team

No matter where you are, boy or girl , white or black , how old , if you are intrested , please write to us .

Do not worry about anything . If you do not know too much about what to do and how to do , we will do our best to give more suggestion to make it easy.

By the way , it is not MLM , no body need to buy anything and to pay any fee.

Just write an e-mail to Mike :