1000W 2000W 2nd Gereantion Solar Grid Tie Inverters with Limiter

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MPPT Efficiency 99% , LCD setting

  • It is in response to the overwhelming clamor from our customers for a product that can control the amount of power that the grid tie inverters(GTI) can generate so that the amount of excess power produced by the solar panels are reduced to insignificant levels, if not eliminated --- because in some countries,the producer pays for the excess power it gives to the distribution grid.

    This is because the electric power meters (the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) are not aware of the direction of power flow. In other words it only adds even if power is exported to the grid, thus, the consumers will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid, and this is the problem.

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This is the 2nd generation GTIL.The first generation GTIL must be used with an additional limiter module,we also add an switch button to enable the inverter either can work at limit mode or at normal grid tie mode. With the 2nd generation GTIL,we integrated the limit function inside the GTI-We call this internal limiter.

In this way,No additional limiter module is needed,reduced customer’s cost,more easier for installation.But in case customer install inverter far away from the main circuit breaker,we also enable the 2nd GTIL work with stand-alone limiter,we call this-external limiter.For sure,the inverter can work under normal Grid tie-no limit mode,just set on the nice LCD and save your setting.

The GTIL include three working mode:Work as normal GTI without power limitation.Work under Internal limiter mode and Work under External limiter mode,Pls make your setting on the LCD and save it,details setting operation,pls read the GTI manual.
1. Low cost and easy installation
2. Free combination
3. Much better output waveform compare with similiar GTI
4. Improving the efficiency of the entire solar power system ,Overload protection ,Anti-island protection,Short-circuit protection/Reverse polarity protection
5. AC output voltage and current THD<5%,PF>99%
Input Voltage Range 22-60VDC/45-90VDC 45-90VDC
Max Input DC Voltage 60V/90V 90V
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 25-60V/50-90V 50-90V
Max Output Power 1000W 2000W
Nominal Output Voltage 110V/230VAC 230VAC
Nominal Voltage Range 95-140V/185-265VAC 185-265VAC
Frequency Range 47.5-51.5 for 50hz,59.3-60.5 for 60hz 47.5-51.5 for 50hz,59.3-60.5 for 60hz
Power Factor >0.95 >0.95
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
Max Efficiency >92% >92%
MPPT Efficiency 99% 99%
Product Size 322x196x88mm 434x196x88mm
Net Weight 3.6kg 6.0kg
Packing with 2 meters sensor cable/AC cables
The New GTIL integrated external limiter and internal limiter function.No need for an additional limiter module,just using a clamp sensor cable connect to the Internal limiter connector to measure the current.The inverter will auto measure the load power and control its output power.While using the external limiter,an additional limiter is required,please ask the supplier for detailed info about the function and connection
There are also second Gereantion solar inverter without Limiters
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